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Aberta R.
"Aberta Rental was established at the end of 2012 and began operating in early 2013 as a car rental service in Bandung. This company developed into a transportation service that focuses on tourism (city tour). Until now Aberta Rental has been trusted by our customers as transportation guides especially in the city of Bandung. Customer Satisfaction 92% Customer Support 100% Capability 93% Driver Safety 96% Aberta rental is committed to maintaining vehicle maintenance with great care. Customer satisfaction is very important for us to protect very well. Every year we renew the types of cars that we rent for continuing to improve the progress of services that are adapted to the advancement of the automotive and transportation world. Aberta Rental wants to realize its vision of becoming a car rental with fast, friendly and honest service. Building trust that transportation services are not just ordinary car rental services, but are professional tour service guides and guides. Aberta Rental, a transportation service that focuses on the tourism sector in the city of Bandung. We have grown for 6 years as a car rental service in this developing city. Aberta Rental drivers provide already meet the driver and tour guide standards that we filter with quality standards. We understand the various needs in the car rental sector, starting from the price, comfort, capacity and other decisions in choosing a car rental. In this case, Aberta Rental has a variety of car rental options, including: Avanza or Xenia, Innova, Mobilio, Brio, Grand Livina, Ertiga to large types of cars or commonly known micro buses (bus tourism) such as: Toyota Hiace and Isuzu Elf which capacity of 12 and 18 seats. Various types of vehicles are supported by a variety of car rental packages starting from the 6 hour, 12 hour and 18 hour rental period."
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