Our Partners

Who do we work with?

Otomo work directly with local vendors across Indonesia to bring you the widest range of options. Our partners come from most major cities across Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

We are constantly on the process of bringing more vendors on our platform especially from other cities in Indonesia.

What do I need to be a vendor?

We look at a different variety of factors to certify a vendor as our partner. Typically things we look at are fleet size, fleet type, reputation and reliability. This is to ensure that our vendors are able to provide a level of standard we want to provide to our customers.

While at the same time providing a fair environment for our partner vendors where price wars do not exists to undercut each other. So that our customers can expect the most reasonable price for services and a realistic price for our partner vendors.

Can our partners set overpriced services?

While we allow our partners full control of their own pricing, we believe and monitor our partners that they are listing their services at reasonable market prices. This is to avoid price wars and to generate a realistic revenues for our vendors so that businesses can be long term.

Can I join as a vendor?

Please submit a request at our registration portal accessible here.